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Biography - Conductor, composer, and educator

Born in Yokohama Japan, Rei Munakata is a conductor and composer in the field of Classical modern music. Imaginative creativity, experimental curiosity, detailed handcraft, and musical fluidity as the core, Rei Munakata conducts and composes for chamber musicians, ensembles, orchestras, instruments, and sound objects all over the world. Rei Munakata is also a passionate educator, and regularly leads instrumental and composition workshops and teaches chamber music in music universities and conservatories.


News and Highlights

SS - AW 2019

Denmark, here I come!

Copenhagen, Aarhus, Esbjerg

The year 2019 opened with several great projects in Denmark.

March 16th Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen

Music by Frandsen, Nordentoft, Davies, and Sørensen

May 4th Aarhus Sinfonietta

Music by Lacy

May 10th Esbjerg Ensemble

Music by composition students

Daegu, South Korea
Contemporary Music Festival

Debut in South Korea!

Rei goes to South Korea for the first time to work with Teruhisa Fukuda for the performance of new work, Nagi, on June 28th during Daegu Contemporary Music Festival! 

A lot of Korean barbeque waiting for Rei!

Curious Chamber Players
Belgium tour 2019

Program TOUCH in Brussels and Gent

This is the first time Curious Chamber Players and Rei visit Belgium, the country of our clarinettist Dries Tack. 

We will present program TOUCH, in which we focus on repertoire that explores different types of intensity over human body, skin, and flesh. 


Ongoing projects

Curious Chamber Players


Always curious, CCP has since its inception in 2003 explored a wide range of new music repertoire: from hard-core modernism to graphically notated chance music, from minimalism to noise music, and from electronics to improvisation. Rei Munakata is one of the co-founders and artistic directors of the ensemble. Rei has led the group to numerous music festivals such as Darmstadt Summer Course, Impuls, Gaudeamus, Ultraschall to name a few.

Curious Chamber Players Rei Munakata
Speed Rei Munakata Frederik Munk larsen Anna Melander Karolina Öhman Erika Öhman Klang Festival

Project SPEED

Sonic stream and concentration

Project SPEED, supported by Konstnärsnamnden Sweden, is a semi-staged work consisting of several instrumental chamber music compositions and object interludes created by composer Rei Munakata based on different types of speed and time perception. The subject matters of the work include the supersonic aircraft Concorde, the falling feathers, the black hole with infinite force of gravity, and the unfolding musical phrasings of Claude Debussy. The project is co-founded together with Anna Melander (flute), Frederik Munk Larsen (guitar), Karolina Öhman (cello), and Erika Öhman (percussion).



Mimitabu provides a platform for the newest young creative talent to explore, interpret and perform new sound worlds. Close collaboration and experimentation with composers is at the heart of the ensemble, as is the aim of connecting with new audiences and seizing all opportunities to expand the boundaries of listening.

Mimitabu Göteborg


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November 2, 2019

Seafood platter from the Swedish west coast!

August 1, 2019

Slow cooked Pork feet!

July 20, 2019

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