Buckle in the Air (2011) & Buckle in the Air II (2012)

Program note:


(English translation: “Please take your seat comfortably and enjoy your relaxation time.’)

Compositional idea:

(The following text should NOT be presented to the audience in any form)

Buckle in the Air is based on the physical action and friction of fastening seatbelts. 


Buckle in the Air II (2012)

afl, cl, 3perc, pno, guit, vln, vlc with objects



Alto flute: 4 Beer cans, Fan, and Bamboo Chime

Clarinet: Pipe, Suitcase, and 5 to 9 Wine Bottles

Percussion I: High Tom, Glockenspiel, Prepared Mallets, 2 Wine Glasses, Waldteufel, 2 pieces of Paper, 2 Belts, Cornflake, Musical Pipe, Ping Pong Balls in basket or box

Percussion II: Vibraphone, Prepared Mallets, Low Tom, Glass Balls with Wooden Dish, 2 pieces of Paper, 2 Belts, Cornflake, Megaphone

Percussion III: Dobaci with wooden stick, 2 Belts, Kalimba, 2 pieces of Paper, Beer can with wooden stick, Coins, Cornflake, Musical Pipe

Grand Piano: Ca 40 - 50 Beer Cans, a lot of Water Bottles, and Cornflakes

Guitar: Slide, Cornflakes



Durata: 9 mins

Commission: Curious Chamber Players

Premiere: July 22nd 2012, Orangerie Darmstadt Summer Course, DARMSTADT




Buckle in the Air (2011)

afl, cl, guit, obj



Alto flute: Almond eating

Clarinet: Musical pipe

Guitar: Slide, almond eating

Object: Kalimba, belt, almond eating, musical pipe, dobaci with pencil, beer can with pencil 

Durata: 10 mins

Commission: Curious Chamber Players

Premiere: Curious Chamber Players, Rei Munakata / conductor

October 27th 2011, Aden Country Park, MINTLAW (Scotland)



Curious Chamber Players and Ensemble Aleph perform Rei Munakata's Buckle in the Air II in Atalante Gothenburg on April 25th 2015!