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Kuragari (2017)

piano solo


Instrumentation: Piano solo

Durata: 20 mins

Commission: Blue Bell Concert Series and Sanae Yoshida

Premiere: Sanae Yoshida

August 14th 2017, Sapporo Concert Hall KITARA, Sapporo

Program note:

Kuragari (2017) for piano solo


Kuragari (2017) for piano solo

As the tide fills up, shall we gather the piano keys soon? Today is the perfect day for the piano keys. Before the finger is sucked into the horizon. Hit…Scatter away…attracted…

Compositional idea:

(The following text should NOT be presented to the audience in any form)

Coming soon...


Kuragari: Bio

Sanae Yoshida performing Kuragari in Sapporo with her beautiful kimono and not so beautiful gloves!

Kuragari: Video
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