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Pochan (2020)

fl/picc, bcl, 2perc, pno, guit, vln, vlc



Flute/piccolo: Temi basket, soy beans, and, sinkers

Bass clarinet: Lamination paper with clip to attach on the bell, soy beans

Percussion I: Bass drum, floor tom with plastic head, frame drum, headed spark shaker, recorder head, CD, jagged glas jar, and soy beans

Percussion II: Original spark shaker, recorder head, metal fruit bowl with stick, paper megaphone, temi basket, and soy beans

Grand piano: 2 rubber blocks, jagged glass jar, 3 metal rods mounted on a wooden board, and soy beans

Guitar: Temi basket, soy beans, and sinkers

Violin: Soy beans

Cello: Safety pin, binding clip, and soy beans

Durata: 17 mins

Commission: Ernst Siemens Foundation

Premiere: Curious Chamber Players

February 8th 2020, Theaterhaus T3, Stuttgart

ECLAT Festival Neue Musik Stuttgart

Program note:

Pochan (2020) for ensemble

After a great concert and reception in Tokyo, I came back to the empty apartment in Yokohama and stepped into the puddle of water on the kitchen floor. The water has been dripping from the ceiling for more than 9 hours.

There is no doctor in Cortona and it was Sunday, the day of no public transportation. We finally managed to catch the bus without timetable, and walked through the ¨blue tunnel¨ in Arezzo hospital to reach the doctor. Our daughter was cured immediately after the walking.

The moment my grandmother in the elderly house in Hitorizawa spoke, I understood that there is a strong connection between the two events.

Compositional idea:

(The following text should NOT be presented to the audience in any form)

Coming soon...


Pochan: Bio
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