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Nocturnal Altitude (2011)

Violin with electronics



Electronics: Computer to trigger 14 sound files

Durata: 13 mins

Commission: Company Bene

Premiere: Karin Hellqvist

June 22nd 2011,  Nippori Sunny Hall, Tokyo JAPAN

3rd Prize Chalki International Composition Competition 2020, GREECE

Program note:


(English translation: “Please take your seat comfortably and enjoy your relaxation time”)

Compositional idea:

(The following text should NOT be presented to the audience in any form)

 Nocturnal Altitude  (2011) for violin solo with electronics explores the boundaries of an instrumental performer’s role. The violinist, a musical

interpreter of a particular instrument, is also asked to be his/her own commentator, accompaniment, and reflector of his/herself. Theatrically speaking, the

violinist looses his/her identity as a violinist and transforms to a reciter, announcer, radio commentator, and flight pilot.

The music rhapsodically floats between different ways and degrees of musical and verbal awareness of the past and present. The borderline between

consciousness and dream gradually becomes thinner and starts to melt into each other. Just like an airplane on its course of a quiet nocturnal journey, the

distinction between the blinks of the lamp on the airplane wings and the dazzling stardust gradually starts to be unrecognizable.


Nocturnal Altitude: Bio
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