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Maledetti Toscani Montepulciano-Cortona Chocolate brown brogue shoes

Over the years I started not to follow the classical rule of typical concert clothing, I am happy to be able to include many colours and shades in whatever I put on. One of my absolute favourite shoes I own is a chocolate brown brogue shoes from Maledetti Toscani!

Swedish composers' society has an apartment in Cortona Italy, and I bought this beautiful shoes while I was making residency there 3 years ago. Maledetti Toscani store, displaying many Toscan style leather goods at the show window, is located right at the main square. But the men's section and women's section are in two different buildings, and the only worker has to go back and forth leaving one of them always unattended. I waited and waited for a long time (took solo espresso in the nearby sports bar) until the worker came back so I could look around the store.

The leather is outstanding and super soft, and the shoes are extremely light with typical Italian Blake/McKay construction. The colour is chocolate brown, but there are many different shades of brown depending on angles and light. One can never be bored looking at them.