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Paoloni grey-blue double breasted jacket

I had never bought a double-breasted jacket before since not too many people around me wear it and single-breasted jackets are perhaps a little more versatile. But after noticing that all the Napoli dudes (and Italian mafias) wear double-breasted with huge peaked lapels and I have never seen any conductor wearing it in concerts, I just had to get one!

Paoloni double-breasted jacket

cotton 68% virgin wool 31% 1% elastine

size 44, made in Italy

Paoloni is the brand made for me (not so expensive and perfect fit for my body)! :) Fantastic combination of modern soft shoulders without any padding together with peaked lapels.

I particularly love the colour of this jacket! Do you consider this jacket a grey jacket with blue pattern? Or blue jacket with grey pattern? What do you call this pattern anyway? Dots??? :) It is always nice to have a pocket square coming with the jacket, specially a cute colourful one like this!