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Pratesi Drake loafers in suede with tassel from Ambra

Summer finally arrived in Stockholm and I needed a new loafer! I wanted to try Calzaturificio Fratelli Pratesi from Toscana for a long time ever since I bought their portfolio bag in Cortona while my residency at the Swedish composer's society apartment (yes, I actually did some composing in this apartment).

After a long time of waiting (slow international bank transfer, dreadful weekend, lazy Italian post, Swedish post delivered it to a wrong apartment, etc), it finally arrived!!!

Pratesi bordeaux suede loafer with vintage effect!

Size 40

The beautiful color of bordeaux gives a very sophisticated impression. The vintage effect is great and this makes the shoes more durable.

Round and smooth shape of the toe. Almost ¨sweet¨!

Very interesting design of the sole of leather and rubber combination (glued). The shoes are both casual and sophisticated that I can wear them in any occasion. Perhaps even in a less formal concert or event? One needs a good pair of shoes to conduct well!

If you need a stylish and yet inexpensive pair of loafer, check out calzaturificio fratelli pratesi!