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August 31st 2018 | Aki Kitajima performs Wink for cello solo in Frankfurt!

Here is another concert information:

August 31st 2018, 20h00

Kunstkulturkirche, Thüringer Strasse 35

Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY


The virtuosic Japanese cellist, Aki Kitajima, will give the first performance of Wink (2018) for cello solo in Frankfurt!

The project is a part of concert series ¨Project PPP¨, curated by Aki Kitajima and composer Yukiko Watanabe. The concert will also include works by Lisa Streich and Yukiko Watanabe.

I am really thankful to Aki who has practiced so much during the whole summer! I am looking forward to finally hearing it live for the first time (yes, I am going to Frankfurt! Yay!). Also Aki has recommended me some Ramen restaurants... My ramen fantasy growing... :D