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Cello pieces by Munakata, Watanabe, and Streich and ramen in Frankfurt!

Miso ramen from Ramen Jun

After having German beer and schnitzel, it would have been more natural to move on to schwine haxe or curry wurst. But maybe it is enough meat for this time... Even though I will be in Japan soon, I still could not resist to take a visit to a ramen place! :)

The Japanese/German cellist Aki Kitajima fantastically performed Wink (2018) for cello solo at KunstKulturKirche in Frankfurt yesterday! The program focused on Japanese and Swedish repertoire which was presented with a great sense of intensity and concentration by Aki. The concert also consisted of pieces by Yukiko Watanabe and Lisa Streich - both incredible masterworks!

Beautiful concert venue with massive acoustics. The concert was greeted with warm audience with intense listening!

The same program will be repeated in Tokyo Japan on September 9th!