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Deep fried Oyster and stir-fried Okinawa bittermelon

After a rather horrific (haha) concert in Tokyo Opera city hall (Tokyo) last week, I needed to take a quick bite before heading home. Due to the very late time of the day, I had to quickly run into just a chain restaurant Ootoya 大戸屋 that serves about anything. Originally I did not expect anything...

But these deep friend oysters were just amazing!!!

大戸屋 東京オペラシティ


The bread crumb was so gently crispy and the oyster inside was so juicy and soft!

I also went to Kawasaki for a rehearsal, and wanted to find a place to eat near the station. And I found a Okinawa restaurant!

泡盛と沖縄料理 龍泉 リゾーナ川崎店

(Awamori and Okinawa cuisine, Ryuusenn)

ゴーヤチャンプル定食 (Stir-fried Okiwana bittermelon menu)

The bittermelon is slightly different (perhaps less bitter) than the Chinese ones. The balance of tofu, pork, and bittermelon is just perfect!