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Maledetti Toscani Cortona Curva Pelle Shoes

Since several years ago, it became a tradition of Bång Munakata family to visit Italy with our friends and composers Nicolai Worsaae and Ylva Lund Bergner (they are both fantastic composers! Check out their music!). While we eat great pici al ragu di chianina with a glass of Montepulciano wine, we also discuss a lot of music, compositional aesthetics, and musical life in general. It is a true inspiration for artists to be creative in this environment!

We also get inspiration from beautiful Tuscan leather goods! And we knew we must take a visit to Maledetti Toscani, where I bought fantastic brogue shoes and chelsea boots before!

BUT... Day 1 closed. Day 2 closed. Day 3 closed... The store is totally dark and obviously not opened.

After 7 days... suddenly the light of the store was on!!! Without hesitation I stepped into the shop. After I left with a pair of shoes, the store closed again. Total of 2 hours opening time that day... How exclusive...

Maledetti Toscani Leather Shoes Curva Pelle, brown, size 39

with a very discounted price...

It came with blue, red, and brown shoe laces!

It seems like the store was not meant to be opened that day either (they don't start their season until several weeks later). The store light was on because the worker happened to come and pick up a jacket for a customer, and then I just stepped into the store so she could not kick me out. :D Therefore she closed the store as soon as I made up my mind. Thank you so much for letting me stay!

The vegetable tanned calf leather shoes, Curva Pelle, is sort of between dress shoes and sneakers with athletic shoe laces. The shoes are, of course, made of Maledetti's signature Tuscan leather with a touch of vintage effect. As soon as I opened the box at home, the room was filled with heavenly smell of the gorgeous leather!

Sophisticated and smart, but active and comfortable. The washed surface of the leather with great texture and complex colour (for me somehow this is very ¨Italian¨...). Contemporary music also should be this way. I particularly like the sole coming up to the toe!

And the best part is...

The sole!!! Beautiful!

The texture and the colour of the sole is almost like delicious parmigiano reggiano!

I cannot wait until the day I can wear them!!! (It is not the best season in Stockholm for shoes at the moment...).