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Roast duck in Copenhagen!!!

Magasasa Istedgade

Istedgade 4, 1650 København K, DENMARK

Today's menu:

Roasted duck a la Hong Kong 香港烤鸭

Crispy braised pork belly 烧火腩

Chinese water spinach 蒜蓉空心菜

Stir-fried prawns in chilli sauce 香辣酱炒虾球

Fish pieces with pickled cabbage 酸菜鱼

Copenhagen is a city full of fantastic food. The reason is not very clear, but Denmark became a very gourmet country. Even in a small town in the middle of Jutland, one can find a very good hamburger or sandwich in cafes and bars.

Yes, I ate a lot while I was visiting Copenhagen and working with Athelas Sinfonietta (what a great and fun ensemble!)

1km street Istedgade, the former red light district, starts right behind the central station of Copenhagen. I had a great Chinese food experience with my friends Li Ying and Frode. Thanks for the great evening!!!

Once we came into the restaurant, we ordered like crazy! Of course, my mind was screaming for the Cantonese style roast duck! Beking Duck seems to be more famous in Scandinavia, but for me Cantonese style roast duck is more moist and juicy.

It is always a good sign that there is Chinese water spinach. Simply just stir fry with A LOT of garlic and it has such a great flavour!

I am getting hungry writing this...