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How to make Japanese Chashu (pork cut) at Bistro Bång Munakata, Part II

I wonder if I dreamt of delicious Chashu during the sleep... At least I was so hungry when I woke up. I guess Chashu for breakfast would be too much so let's wait until lunch...

Lunch time:

After resting the braised meat for overnight, all the unnecessary fat has came up to the surface, and the meat is now juicy but not so greasy.

More you look more you find details. Interesting textures and colours with complex and abstract layers and depth. Just like a well-crafted contemporary music composition!

A lot of ideas for composition from braised pork...

Slice the meat - not completely perpendicular but just a little diagonal.

Heat up the meat a little and... tahtahhhh!

Let's put some left over sauce and eat... wait a minute. I could go with the purity of the meat but I can also imagine a bit of this...

Negi Sauce

  • Spring onion

  • Sesame oil

  • Soy sauce

  • White sesame

  • Cayenne pepper

OK. Let's go!

There is something more to do... Let's throw in Katsuobushi (Japanese tuna flakes) and Shichimi (Seven flavours chilli pepper). Now it is truly a Japanese izakaya style. Nothing fancy, but very local power food with strong punch of pork fat, sesame, spring onion, and chilli!

Finally, the most important: A bowl of white rice!

Without white rice, there is no balance. Yin and Yan. Major and Minor. Sound and Silence.

It's only 11 o'clock but let's just start...