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The score of Speed revised and added to ISSUU!


It was an evening to remember... Such a memorable performance of my semi-staged work, Speed (2017) during Klang Avantgarde Music Festival in 2017! Fantastic performance and very warm audience with intense listening!

Erika Öhman (percussion) and Karolina Öhman (cello) play with soul and expression!

The best audience ever in Litteraturhaus Copenhagen.

Frederik Munk Larsen (guitar) and Anna Melander (flute) play the lyricism and virtuosity!

Speed (2017) is a work consisting of 2 duos and 1 performer. The duos can be performed separately as independent works. While the piece itself was finished, I was never satisfied how the choreography was notated only with text. Now I finally found time to make a graphical notation of the staging and performers' interaction throughout the piece.

It is added to ISSUU for everyone's to view!


Please take a look if you have time between your beach excursions! :)