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Nuwa: Video

Nuwa (2021)

Bcl, 2 perc, and dancer




Percussion 1:

- Floor tom

- Ocean drum

- Metal knitting needles

- Mp3 player with sound file

- Acorn, many

- Bed sheet

- Metal bowl

Percussion 2:

- Floor tom

- 2 Chinese tea cups

- Wooden stick

- Acorn, many

- Metal cutlery stand

- Metal knitting needles

Assistant (or sound technician):

- Sound file

Durata: 25 mins

(Currently under revision, and the piece will be shorter in the future)

Commission: Crossings Tokyo

Premiere: Momoka Kihara/dance, Kaoru Nishimura/bcl, Akihiro Ooba/percussion, Shunsuke Azuma/percussion

November 20th 2021 Ebihara shouten, Tokyo, JAPAN

Program note:

黒髪の色 褪(あ)せぬ間に
心のほのお 消えぬ間に
今日はふたたび 来ぬものを

- 「ゴンドラの唄」より

Compositional idea:

(The following text should NOT be presented to the audience in any form)

Nuwa: Bio
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