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Okaeri (2016) & Okaeri II (2018)

Program note:

¨If you happen to visit the house on Beverly Drive, try to open the window just a little.¨

Compositional idea:

(The following text should NOT be presented to the audience in any form)

Okaeri means ¨welcome home¨ in Japanese. Born in Yokohama, raised mostly in Japan and partly in China, lived in the US where my parents still live, and reside in Stockholm, I have many places I can call a ¨home¨. But the identity of a ¨home¨ is not very clear: What makes home your true home? Is it the geographical location? or people you grew up with? Climate? Smell? Maybe sound?

One night at my parents place in New York during a hot summer (after a long journey from Stockholm with 6 hours of jetlag), I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Lazy to turn on the light and the it was totally dark except the faint light from the moon. The window in the bathroom was slightly left ajar, and the stream of heat and subtropical sauna-like smell came in through the window together with extremely loud and intense noise of summer insects. At that moment, I was suddenly transported back to my childhood in Shiomidai, Japanese cicada catching, hurin (Japanese wind chime), and fireworks.

The summer in Stockholm is very quiet, It was my dream to let my daughter experience the extremely hot and noisy Japanese summer.

Okaeri: Bio

Okaeri II (2018)

fl/picc, cl, pno, perc, vlc with objects



flute/piccolo: paper megaphone

clarinet: paper megaphone, small jingle bell, uchiwa

piano: plastic card and slide whistle

percussion: A3 paper with 2 shoe brushes, styrofoam, metal pot with floor brush, ocean drum, Meinl spark shaker, uchiwa, bass drum (optional)

cello: uchiwa, hurin

Durata: 15 mins

Commission: The pranks Tokyo and Yuko Ohara

Premiere: Musicians in Japan and Rei Munakata, conductor

January 30th 2018,  Tokyo Opera City Hall, TOKYO



Okaeri: Bio

Okaeri (2016)

trb, perc with objects



Mute, paper, sleigh bells, uchiwa, hurin, 2 prepared electric fans with foot switches


Gloves, brush, bongo, small drum with sizzle, floor tom with sizzle, rattle clap, tamtam, bass drum with sizzle, recorder mouthpiece, 2 prepared electric fans with foot switches, bamboo chime

Durata: 15 mins

Commission: Audio Exhibition

Premiere: Andras Olsen and Matias Seibaek

December 12th 2016, LiteraturHaus COPENHAGEN

Okaeri: Bio

Curious Chamber Players and Rei Munakata performing Okaeri II during Svensk Musikvår festival Stockholm!

Okaeri: Video
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